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Brief Bio on Kamala Harris
« on: October 07, 2019, 03:15:10 PM »

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This was a comment posted on a article about her. CC©

Kamala Harris traded sex for appointment to powerful state committees.  Kamala Harris traded sex for receipt of hundreds of thousands of dollars while still getting a full time salary at a job she mostly ignored.  Kamala Harris lived 12 years of her childhood in Canada, and before leaving for Canada, lived in a middle class neighborhood in Berkeley near Thousand Oaks School she attended for 1.5 years.  Oakland was not her "home town" as she claimed.  She was not raised in a Black ghetto as she claims.  She is a descendant of slave owners.  Her dark color comes from her Indian mother, a Brahmin of S. India whose father was a diplomat.  Kamala Harris did go to Howard University, a college that was originally and specially founded for Blacks, but she is not a descendant of America's slaves.  That's just another lie.  When she ran for district attorney in San Francisco against her boss, Terry Hallinan, she was given more than 8 times as much money as Terry's campaign, and she set up an office in Hunter's Point pretending to be a Black American, which she isn't.  Her parents were two foreigners who met at U.C. Berkeley where they were fortunate to attend post graduate classes to further their education.  Kamala Harris was the anchor baby of two non-citizens.  Kamala Harris has harmed hundreds of thousands of Americans, but she is ruthlessly ambitious and will do and say anything to get ahead.  She has had no children, but got a married fellow in Los Angeles to marry her.

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Re: Brief Bio on Kamala Harris
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She is the true definition of a political whore.

Re: Brief Bio on Kamala Harris
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That's for damn sure!

Re: Brief Bio on Kamala Harris
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Can you say, trashy bitch, sure, I know you can
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Re: Brief Bio on Kamala Harris
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Police states use propaganda by disguising tyranny by using cartoons, minimizing important stories, distracting people from scandals by running stories about defective families or bread and circuses, glorifying government successes, and diverting attention from domestic problems by focusing on crises in foreign countries.

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