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Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke square off in final debate before midterm election

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John J:
This fucking ororke idiot is JUST LIKE ofuckstick . He even looks like him and has the same hand gestures as the fool .
DAAAAAMMMMNNNNN Ted Cruz HAS TO WIN THIS SHIT , or else texas is FFUUUUUUUCK'D and one more retarded DEMONCRAP is in the senate !!!!!!!
But they're both silly ducks on tarifs . We NEED the tarifs . They will make it tough for maybe a year , but then when places like china are tripping over widgets in the streets we WILL win .



      This is a GUN STATE and beto is NOT going to win this!   We will have Cruz again...

John J:
I don't know , you've been having an influx of kalifortnicatians , colocrapians and people from parts up here lately so I wouldn't say you're a gun state . Hell , we have more gun rights up here then you do down there in the last ten years I think ...

Oh I gotta disagree with you here JJ. Oregon, Portland, Beaverton, etc are hotbeds of liberalism, just like shitcago makes the laws for Illinois, Portland makes the laws for Oregon. You guys have some rediculous gun restrictions that Texas will never have. Yeah Dallas, Austin make a lot of laws for the state, but there are more patriots living outside these areas that keep it a red state


    You are right Bob, Texas IS a red state and it IS a GUN state and gonna stay that way.  The outsiders don't control us...we control them whether they like it or not.  Cruz WILL WIN this...but you know what hurt him the most is when he ran for president.  He should have never done it, at least not at that time...anytime really because he is NOT eligible.  That turned a lot of people sour on him.  But they will vote for him to save what we have here. 


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