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Breaking! Mueller In Crosshairs Over 9/11 Coverup


John J:
GAWD I want him to let the shit on this out . I'll be pointing fingers at SO MANY PEOPLE . All these silly EASILY mind fucked suckers that called me "a conspiracy theorist" will be EATING THEIR WORDS !


JJ, we're all rightwing conspiracy nut jobs, but unfortunately for the left, we're being proven right on a daily basis. So FUCK EM ALL.


   What do you expect from someone who put FOUR innocent men in prison (of the crime they were imprisoned for) to cover for Whitey Bulger??????  He is crooked as a barrel of snakes!!!  By the way that was just one thing uncovered by Gohmert about mueller!!!!!!

John J:
But I knew 9/11 was an impossible feat by two planes to make that happen the first day and everyone called me a fucking nut . And as the shit all unfolded , I've been elated and only wanted the nwo to go down for it .

And then for the textbook implosions all near the same time ?... THAT , was them putting it in OUR FACES !


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