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Dark forces to permanently censor the Internet on the 5th July 2018, using copyright as a Trojan horse.

The EU politicians are either asleep at the wheel or under the control of dark forces, this sweeping new legislation will be used to censor to the Internet, effectively hand-cuffing the power of the people in their fight against the corrupt elite and psychopath-controlled corporations.

The plan is undemocratic, anyone based over in Europe should write to their MEPs before the vote on the 5th July and explain to them on why it needs to be stopped.

Here is a link by which EU citizens can more easily contact their "representatives" on this matter. here

Some more details below:

'Disastrous' copyright bill vote approved:

"A committee of MEPs has voted to accept major changes to European copyright law, which experts say could change the nature of the internet.

They voted to approve the controversial Article 13, which critics warn could put an end to memes, remixes and other user-generated content.

Article 11, requiring online platforms to pay publishers a fee if they link to their news content, was also approved.

One organisation opposed to the changes called it a "dark day".

The European Parliament's Committee on Legal Affairs voted by 15 votes to 10 to adopt Article 13 and by 13 votes to 12 to adopt Article 11.

It will now go to the wider European Parliament to vote on in July."

The EU is killing our democratic spaces using copyright as a Trojan horse:

"The EU has recently embarked on a new mission: controlling the Internet through the monopoly of copyright. This attempt to reform and control the Internet has not received half the attention it deserves.

As Julia Reda, MEP for the Pirate Party, has explained, the current project of EU legislation would impose automatic filters that control ANY content that anyone wants to upload. The reason would be the protection of copyright, a monopoly right that primarily benefits large media behemoths, without any possibility of advance verification.

You read that right: the EU wants to put in place a global censorship machine, on the basis of unverifiable monopoly rights, mostly held by large media corporations."

EU's Artikel 13 Copyright Reform Proposal:

"Article 11 would require extra copyrights for news or media outlets, requiring anyone who would like to link to a news site must first get a license from the publisher. Julia Reda writes, "The automatic link previews social networks generate when users share links (showing the article headline, a thumbnail picture and a short excerpt) would require a license, as well as anyone analysing news content on the web like news aggregators, media monitoring services and fact checking services."

"Article 13 requires that internet platforms that rely on hosting large amounts of user-uploaded data must monitor that content. Additionally, they must moderate the content to identify copyright infringement. The proposal could limit freedom of expression and harm independent creators."

"On June 20th, the European Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs voted yes to on articles 11 and 13 of the referendum. Many criticized the vote stating that it "threatened the openness of the internet and made it less free." However, despite the vote, the vote does not put the rules into law, but rather only secures European Parliament's position on the issue, before moving the process to the final stages.

Knowing that big brother can read every word that hits the internet, it only makes sense that they feel they have to control it also.

John J:
It appears that this is only happening in the eu , and that most of the shit they say is a bunch of faggot talk and usually only promotes the faggotry in the west , but if it's happening there , it WILL happen here ... It's a proven fact .
So , then again , here we go , we HAVE to fight for their freedom ... AGAIN .

JJ, we have to fight for our feedoms every damn day of our lives these days. The EU when it was formed, was designed for only one thing, GLOBALIZATION!!!!! That's why the UK is getting so much hell about leaving, yeah they voted to leave, but have they been able too? Not that I know of, the EU is fighting tooth and nail to keep the UK in the EU. If the people don't want it, then goddamn they should be allowed to say fuck you.

John J:
Yah , you're right , but it appears it's like the mafia was ... You get in but you don't get out .

My point of fighting , was for THEIR rights ... We've been fighting for THEIR rights since we (apparently) kicked their asses out of THIS country ...



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