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Posted by: tdw796816
« on: December 16, 2020, 09:45:27 PM »

Spot on!
Posted by: dhw1949
« on: December 15, 2020, 09:03:32 PM »

Damn right.  Excellent perspective, Coop.  Gonna have to steal this one!
Posted by: ChiefCoop©
« on: December 15, 2020, 08:56:37 PM »

Those of us with logic and reasoning, have no idea what's up with the democrats and the left. They keep talking about changing the US to socialism, as opposed to capitalism. Our thinking is if they want socialism, then why don't they go to a socialist/communist country? Well, I finally listened to what they were saying and I think I understand it.

Socialism, per se, is not their goal. It will be a by-product and a result. Their goal is the total destruction of the United States. We look at the endeavors of man to be equal starting point and based on individual talents and efforts, we'll arrive at different, albeit unequal, results. The left doesn't care about talents and efforts, they want everyone to end up equal. Capitalism rewards efforts, so it has to go. To set up the scenario, the left came up with different memes, but all with one goal: America is bad, evil, racist, etc., etc. Why? To get the people use to the idea that America is evil.

Keep in mind that the left hates America and they hate any and all Americans that don't think the way they do. That also explains why they cater to illegals, not citizens. The riots and looting was just the military arm of the democrats doing what they don't have the courage to do. Antifa and BLM guys were doing really good going after unarmed, untrained citizens. Towards the end, they got really brave and took on Patriots who were Trump supporters. Things changed, the Patriots found back. So did the Proud Boys. The other groups ran and  tried to hide behind the cops they were bashing.

All the progressive programs are designed to destroy America. Green new deal, packing the courts, eliminating the filibuster, etc. No more coal, must be "renewable" energy. That would be OK, but the infrastructure to support it has not been created. No new dams, no nuclear. Just wind farms with a bunch of dead birds, solar farms with all sorts of cooked animals. But the left doesn't care about collateral damage, doesn't matter, as long as they get their goal of destroying America. Obama almost decimated our military, Trump rebuilt it, but Biden/Harris will destroy it. That's fine for not fighting wars in far off lands, but what will they do when the muzzies rise up and take over (which they will) and instill Sharia law?  But the left NEVER thinks that far ahead, nor do they ever plan that their actions may unintended consequences.

This will be the time for conservatives, who want our nation back, to rise up and fight for it. We have allowed them to steal the elections. I've always said we have 3 boxes: soap box, ballot box, ammo box. We are now at third box. Unfortunately, that is what it will take.
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